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ResMan allows you to have different types of applications (Example: Students, International applicants) and to customize the settings for each type. When the applicant starts the process, they will select the appropriate Applicant Type for themselves.

1. Admin > Properties.

2. Select your property.

3. Click on Applicant Types.

4. One default type is provided: Individual

5. Click ADD to add a new type or EDIT/DELETE an existing type.


6. Assign a Name to this Applicant Type.

7. Default ID number type

a. Other or Social Security Number

8. Choose whether you want automatic screening.

9. Choose whether to allow them to invite a roommate by email.



10. Place a checkbox beside each section of the application that you would like available.



Note: Making the selection available, does NOT make that section required.


11. Application Fees-Select if you require immediate online payment.

a. If you check this box, and your applicant does not pay the fees at the time of application:

       i. No automatic screening will occur

       ii. The application will be returned back to ResMan as a Cancelled Application


Note: The User can UNDO the cancellation manually if desired.





b. Add any desired fees for this Application Type

c. Select whether the fee is to be charged once Per Applicant or Per Unit

Note: If these fees are Not Required, they will still display and the applicant can still pay online if desired.


12. Deposits-Select if you require immediate online payment.

a. Select if you want them to be charged the Unit Required Deposit that is setup in the Unit Type Screen 

b. Enter any additional deposits that you might want to charge

Note: You can uncheck the Unit Required Deposit and add a different deposit in the bottom section OR you can require the Unit Type Deposit and add additional deposits below.





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