What if I issued a Deposit Refund with an Invoice, not "connected" to the Resident Refund?


There are several ways that we could correct this situation:

1.  If the check has not been mailed, void it. Reissue it through Refunds.

2.  Void the refund check that you wrote (void the invoice also).

  • Go into the resident's ledger. Click on the refund line & Reverse it (on the same day you originally refunded it)
  • Make the resident's ledger match the check that was actually written to the person.
  • Do another Move Out Reconciliation. This time the refund amount will match the check you mailed.
  • Go into the Boardroom & click on that refund due. Show it paid on the date and with the check number that you used on your manual check.

3.  Void the resident refund on the resident's ledger.

  • Post a charge to the ledger (for that same amount)
  • Do another Move Out Reconciliation to apply the refund to that charge
  • Do a journal entry to back out the application that was done. (If the Deposit liability account and the Accounts Receivable account are off)

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