How do Residents Pay Rent through the Resident Portal?


1.  Click the Transaction link on the left

2.  Click > Pay Rent 

3.  The first time they log in, the resident will be prompted to enter their mobile phone number, if it was not entered previously into ResMan

4. They will have an option to make a one-time payment or setup a recurring payment

a. If they choose Credit Card, they will enter their card information as shown below:

b.  Next they will be shown their full balance

They cannot make a partial payment

c.  They will click to confirm the payment amount

d.  They will see a message that the payment was completed successfully and a Reference Number will be displayed

e.  They will be redirected to the Community Members Portal showing a payment receipt, which can be printed

f.  That payment will then be displayed on their transaction page as Pending. It will not be charge to their account until it is completed. which typically takes 1-2 business days

Note: There is a special fee associated with each payment type, and this amount will display in two separate locations. First on the initial page when they are selecting their payment method, and again when they are completing their transaction in the payment overview screen (before they click submit). Using their debit card or doing a bank transfer will yield the least amount charged to them.

The actual amount of the charges will be determined by the agreement with Aptexx and how much the property decides to "pass on" to the resident.

Note: If the resident is on a "Certified Funds Only" basis in ResMan, they will NOT be allowed to pay with an ECheck (in the portal).


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