How do I access Aptexx from within ResMan?


1.  Accounting > Receivables > Aptexx

2.  The initial screen will display an overview graph

3.  Click any of the four sections: Deposits, Payments, Refunds or Reversals to see detail of those transactions in Calendar format


4.  Use the search option to locate:

a.  Find Person: Search by name

b.  Find Deposit: Search by batch

c.  Note: For an Aptexx report that ties to your ResMan batch

    • Print a ResMan Bank Deposit Register
    • The Description will show: Aptexx Deposit Register XXXXX
    • Enter that number under Find Deposit in the Aptexx search box
    • You can also print the batch report, if desired

d.  To switch bank accounts use the Drop-Down box in the upper right corner


Permissions and Settings

To access Aptexx you need permission to access the Aptexx portal after signing into ResMan. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Aptexx > Portal Access.

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