What else should I know about Aptexx (General Notes)?


1.  Aptexx encrypts all Credit Card information, only displaying the last 4 digits.

2.  Fees associated with Bank transactions (also called EFT or eChecks) are significantly less paying with a credit card.

3.  A debit card fee is different than a credit card fee, and is charged a flat rate (lower than credit card fees).

4.  Fees are Management Company Specific.

5.  Managers cane receive updates on all resident payments.

a.  The properties specify which type of email communications they wish to receive for payments

6.  All data entered and processed is in real time.

7.  The residents have the ability to schedule atuo-draft payments from their checking account.

8.  The residents have the ability to cancel any scheduled payment (for up to one day).

9.  Payments are batched and fully synced with the ResMan accounting software.

a.  It will be batched on the same date as it is deposited into your bank

10.  Your On-site user will receive a report from Aptexx daily with all approved payments.

11.  You have the ability to disable online payments through the community portal:

a.  Resident Profile > Quick Links > Enable/Disable online payments

12.  Ability to access resident portal as the resident ( so you can see what they see): Resident profile > Quick Links > Sign into Portal


13.  If a resident makes a payment that does not clear (or if the Resident disputes a charge) it will be removed from the ResMan Resident ledger and the ResMan back account and Aptexx will notify the management team of the occurrence and any fees.

14.  Within the Aptexx site, these are listed under the reversal tab (located under transactions).

15.  Residents are able to dispute charges up to 180 days.

16.  Aptexx will research all dispute findings with the credit card companies after receiving supporting lease documents from management.



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