How do I invite Residents to use the Resident Portal?


1.  Once your portal has been set up, provide a link to your residents by either method below:

a.  Put a link on your website

b.  Email them the link

 2.  The resident will follow that link and click REGISTER. They will then enter their email address and unit number and click SEND REGISTRATION EMAIL


Note: The email address and unit MUST match what it entered in ResMan (or they will receive the message "The unit is not associated with the selected unit".)

Also, you must have entered a MOBILE Phone number for each resident


3.  An email will be sent to them with a link that completes the registration and redirects them to their personalized Resident Portal link where they will setup a user name and password



Note: Their user name can be either their email address or just a user name that they choose



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