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ResMan allows you to set special requirements for every type of applicant that applies for a lease. For example, if a student applies for a lease, you can require them to get screened before they are approved, whereas if a family applies for a lease you can waive that requirement. The applicant will select their type when they begin the application process.

There is a video at the bottom of the page for your convenience. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.


Applicant Information

To edit an existing type, select the type and click Edit.  Click Add to add a new type. 

Assign this type a Name: Make sure that it is descriptive enough so that applicants can choose correctly. For example: Student, International, etc.
  • Check if this is your Default Applicant Type
  • Select the Default ID Type.
  • Typically this will be Social Security number
  • If you have another type of number that you collect, let the ResMan team know and we can set that option up for you.

Check if you want a screening to take place automatically.

  • If the applicant does not pay the required fees/deposits, they will not be screened, even if this box is checked.
  • This is used if there is an Applicant type that should never be screened (example: International)

Check if you want the applicant to be able to invite a roommate by email.

  • The roommate will receive an email with a link to apply for the same unit.



Put a check mark next to any information that you want to collect from the type of applicant who is applying for a lease. 

Application Fees

Check if you require immediate online payment such as security deposit and other deposts by selecting a category, a description of the charge and amount.

    1. If you do not check the "immediate online payment" box, it will be an option to pay.  If they do not pay at this step, you can collect the money when the applicant comes into the office.  
    2. If you check this box, and they do not pay (they leave the website).  Automatic screening will NOT be run and they will be transferred into ResMan as a Cancelled Applicant.  
    3. Click  to add any required fees upon application. This charge can be Applicant or per Unit.


Specify the security deposits required for this applicant type.

  • Require Unit Type Deposit will charge the deposit amount that is set up in Unit Types.
  • Click > Add to add any other deposits. You can un-check Unit Type Deposit and charge a different deposit here, if needed.  Or this could be an additional deposit.

Lease Documents

Lease documents can be automatically generated for applicants applying online by checking the box below and specifying which form letters to use as the lease documents. Upon approval of the applicant, the form letters will be merged and attached to the applicant's documents.



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