Why can't my Residents log into the Resident Portal? (Trouble with Password Reset)


If there is a resident who is unable to log into the portal, here are the steps to help them:

1. Admin > Users, User Type = Residents. Look for their User ID.

2. Pull up their resident screen. Copy down their old email address. Put your email address in there (this is temporary).

3. If you do not know the URL link for your Resident Portal, you can get it from Admin > Properties, under Community members portal url.

4. Go to the portal website and click Forgot Password. ResMan will email you a link to reset the password.

5. Change their password to something simple (either use their User ID or just "password")

6. Go back to the Resident Portal and make sure you can log in with the User ID and your newly created password.

7. Go back and put the residents original email address back in place

8. Provide the User ID and new Password to your resident.

Permissions and Settings

To view resident users you need permission to access and make changes to user groups and users. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Admin > User and Group Management.

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