How do I setup or use a leasing Special?

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ResMan allows you to set up Specials that can be visible on the Convert to Applicant screens as well as the Online Availability screens. These specials can cover an entire property, specific Unit Types, or specific units.

1.  Property > Specials 

2.  To add a new Special, you have two options:

a.  From the Submenu, click New Special or

b.  Open the Vacant and On Notice Unit module. Put a check beside one or more units, at the bottom click Add Special 




3.  Add the Property for this special

4.  Add a Name (this name will show on the Online Availability screen. It will only display within ResMan)

5.  Add a Description (this name will not show on the Online Availability screen. It will only display within ResMan)

6.  Decide whether they need to Apply (Application) or to Move In during certain dates to qualify for this special

7.  Enter the dates that the prospects need to Apply or Move In to qualify

8.  Apply to: select whether this Special is for all of this Property, certain Types, or certain Units

9.  Select the Lease Terms required to receive the special


10.  Select how many periods (months) this concession will exist

11.  Select whether it is a Dollar Amount or a Percentage or Rent

12.  Select if (once this concession is a credit in the Recurring Charge Log) if users can edit the amount

13.  Choose a Transaction Category for the credit

14.  Select when the concession will begin (Start of Lease, or on another month)

15.  Select whether the initial concession should be prorated

16.  If Period was "Fixed Number of Months", select the number of months


17.  Enter a name that will display on the Online Availability screen

18.  Enter a description that will display on the Online Availabilty screen

19.  If Period is not "One Time", select how the concession should display

20.  Click Save



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Permissions and Settings

To create a special you need permission.
To check permissions, go to Admin > Group>  (Select Group) > Specials 

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