How do I Post Owner Distributions?

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This is used to distribute extra funds to the various owners of a property based on their percentage of ownership.

1. Accounting > Owner Distributions > Post Owner Distribution
2. Select the Date
3. Select the Property or Property Group
4. Choose whether the result is an Invoice, or a Vendor Payment
5. Fill out the Invoice or the Vendor Payment fields
6. Enter the amount to distribute on the right
7. Click Calculate 


8. Under distributions, click the + to expand the calculation(s)
9. Click POST to create the Invoices or the Vendor Payment


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Permissions and Settings

To [action] you need permission to [name of permission]. To do this go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > [Settings Category] > [Name of Setting]

In order to [action], you need to [Description of Setting]. Click here to read how to set that up.

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