Applicants and Residents Template

The Applicant and Residents Template is a comprehensive list of all residents (current, applicants, formers and those on notice to vacate) and their respective personal information that live in each property. 

List all residents that live in that unit (see example) and make sure that the lease dates are the same for all residents listed in that unit. Do not list Vacant units or any Admin unit that does not have any residents living there.

Note: Please add former residents that have open transactions.  Their Lease Status and Applicant/Residency Status will be "Former,Former".

The sample template is attached at the end of the article. Fields in red are required.  Please complete one template for every property listed in your portfolio.


Unit: Must match an existing unit number.

Lease Status: One of: Pending, Current, Former, Cancelled.

Applicant/Residency Status: One of: Pending, Current, Approved, Former, Cancelled.

Some possible combinations:
  • Current, Current: Resident is currently living in specific unit.
  • Pending, Pending: Applicant has applied but hasn't been assigned to a unit.
  • Pending, Approved: Applicant has successfully passed background check and has been placed in a unit.
  • Former, Former: Resident no longer lives in unit, but outstanding charges exists.

Salutation: Use Text. 10 character max.

First Name: Use Text. 30 character max.

Middle Name: Use Text. 30 character max.

Last Name: Use Text. 50 character max.

Preferred Name: Use Text. 150 character max.

Household Status: Each unit is required to have one (1) Head of Household who is then the main contact. For other residents living in that same unit, who are not main contacts, choose one of:

  • Family Member - Adult
  • Family Member - Minor
  • House Guest
  • Non-Resident Co-sign
  • Property Employee
  • Resident's Employee
  • Roommate
  • Spouse/Cohabitant

Main Contact: One of: Yes or No.

  • Head of Household: Yes
  • Family Member - Adult: No
  • Family Member - Minor: No
  • House Guest: No
  • Non-Resident Co-sign: No
  • Property Employee: No
  • Resident's Employee: No
  • Roommate: No
  • Spouse/Cohabitant: No

Application Date: Use Date in "MM/DD/YYYY" Format.

Move In Date: Use Date in "MM/DD/YYYY" Format.

Lease Signed Date: Use Date in "MM/DD/YYYY" Format.

Lease Start Date: Use Date in "MM/DD/YYYY" Format. Must be the same date for each resident on the same lease.

Lease End Date: Use Date in "MM/DD/YYYY" Format. Must be the same date for each resident on the same lease.

Leasing Agent: Please provide the name of the person who leased/is associated with this lease.

Email: Use Text. 150 character max.

  • If you are using Aptexx for Online Payments, it is important to provide an email address for each Applicants & Residents, if possible.

Male/Female: One of: Male, Female

Phone Information: Use Text. 35 character max.

  • Mobile Phone
  • Home Phone
  • Work Phone

Drivers License: Use Text. 30 character max.

Drivers License State: Use Text. 25 character max.

Birthdate: Use Date in "MM/DD/YYYY" Format.

SSN: Use Text. 20 character max.

Primary Language: Must match a defined language.

Notice Given Date: Use Date in "MM/DD/YYYY" Format.

Move Out Date: Use Date in "MM/DD/YYYY" Format. This is a required field for all former residents.

Reason for Leaving: Must match a defined reason for leaving (See Reason for Leaving Pick List in Admin>Pick List>Reason For Leaving)

Forwarding Information:

  • Fwd Street Address: Use Text. 500 character max.
  • Fwd City: Use Text. 50 character max.
  • Fwd State: Use Text. 50 character max.
  • Fwd Zip: Use Text. 20 character max.
  • Fwd Country: Use Text. 50 character max.
  • Notes 

Employer Information:

  • Employer 
  • Industry 
  • Title 
  • Salary 
  • Salary Period 
  • Employer Contact 
  • Employer Phone 
  • Employer Address 
  • Employer City 
  • Employer State 
  • Employer Zip 
  • Employer Country 

Alternate Contact Information: (Emergency contact, etc)

  • Alternate Contact Name 
  • Alternate Contact Relationship 
  • Alternate Contact Phone 
  • Alternate Contact Work Phone 
  • Alternate Contact Email 
  • Alternate Contact Address 
  • Alternate Contact City 
  • Alternate Contact State 
  • Alternate Contact Zip 

Vehicle Information:

  • Auto License Plate 
  • Auto License State 
  • Auto Make 
  • Auto Model 
  • Auto Color 
  • Auto Permit 
  • Gate Card Number

Pet Information:

  • Pet Name 
  • Pet Type 
  • Pet Breed 
  • Pet Color 
  • Pet Age In Year(s): Use Number.
  • Pet Weight In lb(s): Use Number.
  • Pet Notes 
  • Pet Registration Type 
  • Pet Registration Issuer 
  • Pet Registration Number 
  • Pet Proof of Vaccinations: One of: Yes or No
  • Pet Proof of breed: One of: Yes or No
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