Deposits Template

The Deposits Template lists the lease required deposit, pet deposit and any other deposit amount for each unit as well as the deposit paid in by the resident living in that unit.  

The sample template is attached at the end of the article. Fields in red are required.  Please complete one template for every property listed in your portfolio.

Unit: Must match an existing unit number.

Resident Name: Must match an existing main contact on the lease.

Payment Import Date: Recommended to use the conversion date rather than the original transaction date.

Transaction Category Abbreviation: Must match an existing deposit transaction category abbreviation. (These categories can be found in Admin>Transaction Categories.)

Lease Required Amount: Enter the security deposit amount required for this unit.

Payment Type: When a deposit is paid in, please select one:

  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Credit Card
  • Cash
  • Debit Card
  • Cashiers Check

Reference: Reference number of the deposit; For implementation purposes it can be "0" or "Conversion".

Description: Enter the description of the transaction category. It can be security deposit, pet deposit etc.

Deposit Paid: Enter amount paid in. Number only.

Notes: Enter any notes if needed.


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