Recurring Charges Template

The Recurring Charges Template essentially list all the charges that the resident is supposed to pay for at the due date of every month. These can be rent, utilities, insurance, concessions etc. Every transaction needs to be listed in its own entry; if a resident has rent and utilities due each month, those two would be listed separately. 

The sample template is attached at the end of the article. Fields in red are required.  Please complete one template for every property listed in your portfolio.


Unit: Must match an existing unit number

Resident Name: Must match an existing main contact on the lease

Transaction Category Abbreviation: Must match an existing Transaction Category abbreviation. This can be found in Admin>Transaction Categories.

Rentable Item Name: If the Transaction Category is for rentable item charge, please insert number of that rentable item attached to the unit. This information comes from the template "Rentable Item":

  • For example, unit 20BWA3 has a washer and drier available for rent and the resident is renting it, the line would read:


Description: Description of the recurring charge. Use Text. 50 character max.

Amount: Use numbers. Negative numbers are not accepted, but make sure that transaction category reflects the charge correctly.

Start Date: Enter the lease start date for this charge. Use Date in "MM/DD/YYYY" Format.

End Date: Enter the lease end date for this charge. Use Date in "MM/DD/YYYY" Format.

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