Open Invoices Template (simple)

The Open Invoices template is a list of any open payables (Invoices that haven't been payed or need to be refunded) by the property at the time of the conversion date. 

The sample template is attached at the end of the article. Fields in red are required. In this template, you can add invoices from all properties. Simply designate which property it belongs to. 

Invoice Number: Use numbers and letters

Bill/Credit: Choose Bill or Credit. Entries must match other entries if on the same invoice (an invoice can't have a bill and credit). Bill is the common selection for invoices, but credit can be selected if applicable.

  • If the invoice entered is a Bill, line item amounts can be negative.

Date: Use the conversion date in ''mm/dd/yyyy' format.

Vendor: Vendor's Name.

Invoice Description: A description of the invoice.

Line Item Number: Always use "1". Simple Template only allows 1 line item per property.

Property: Must be an existing property abbreviation. To access information on property abbreviations. Visit My ResMan, locate the navigation bar, click admin on the far right and choose properties off the drop down menu. 

Location: Enter either unit number, building number, WOIT Name (Remember that WOIT has to be configured for invoices to work), and Rentable Item name.

GL Account: List the GL account. Use numbers.

Line Item Description: Enter the line's description for that purchase.

Amount: If Credit is selected, all amounts entered must be positive. If Bill is selected, amounts can be enter in negative numbers, but the sum of all entries for a given property on an invoice must be greater than 0.

  • Note: An invoice will not import if the sum of all invoice lines is negative.  

Expense Type: Defined by the User, the name and how the expense is defined can be configured by going to Admin>Settings>Payables. 

Is Replacement Reservce: Please answer with True or False.

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