Unit Types Template

The Unit Types Template contains all the different floor plans the property offers for rent. Each floor plan should be included and named accordingly. If Offices and other administrative units should be included with a market rent of $0. 

The sample template is attached at the end of the article. Fields in red are required. Please complete one template for every property listed in your portfolio.


 Note: Lets say there are two identical floor plans but they have different market rents: both options need to be included and just named differently. (See row 2, 3, 4 in the image above for reference.)

Name: Choose a unique name for the unit type. Use letters or numbers. 20 character maximum. These names will also coincide with the Units Template.

  • For example, if the unit has one bedroom and one bathroom, the name would be 1x1. If the unit has one bedroom had 2 bathrooms, the name would be 1x2. 

Description: This is the description of the unit.  It can be simple or complex.  There is a 1000 character maximum.

Bedrooms: This is the number of bedrooms associated with the unit type. For a successful import use Numbers.

Bathrooms: This numerically records the number of bathrooms associated with the unit type. For a successful import use numbers.

Square Footage: This numerically records the square footage of the unit type. For a successful import use numbers.



Maximum Occupancy: This records the maximum number of occupancy allowed in the unit. The rule to follow is 
  • One Room: 2 people maximum occupancy.
  • Two Rooms: 4 people maximum occupancy.
  • Three Rooms: 6 people maximum occupancy.

Rent Transaction Category Abbreviation: This needs to match an existing Transaction Category Abbreviation (Admin>Transaction Categories). For a successful import use text. If your URL domain has been created, go to your ResMan website and under Admin> Transaction Categories you will be able to find the abbreviations. If the transaction category cannot be found it, a new one can be created. 

Market Rent: Enter a price number; this is the dollar market rent for the unit type. If you use online marketing, this is the number that will appear.  

Deposit Transaction Category Abbreviation: Must match an existing Transaction Category Abbreviation found in Admin>Transaction Categories. The transaction category must match the Transaction Categories found in ResMan for a successful import.

Deposit Amount: Enter a number; this is the required deposit dollar amount for the unit type. For a successful import numbers must be used.  This number will be linked to every unit that is marked with this unit type and will appear on GPR reports.


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