Prospect Sources Template

The Prospect Sources template is a list of all sites where the prospective applicant found out about the property's availability. Basically we need to compile a list with the sources and determine if they apply to one, some or all properties. 

The sample template is attached at the end of the article. Fields in red are required.


Property Abbreviation: The header of this field must match the abbreviation on an existing property in ResMan. Specify a vendor with a property by placing an X in the column. If there are more properties, simply insert more columns.

Start of Sources: Leave blank.

Name: Name of the prospect source. Use text. 50 character max.

Abbreviation: Abbreviation associated with the prospect source. 7 text character max.

Description: Use text. 200 character max. 

Show On Online Application: One of Yes, No, True, False. Prospect Sources will be available for online guestcards and applicants. Use Text.

Online Application Display Name: Name of the Prospect Source; How you would like to see it displayed on the ResMan Online Application Portal. Recommended only if the Display Name should different from the actual Prospect Source Name.

If you do not indicate a name in this field, then ResMan will automatically display the Prospect Source name that is indicated in the "Name" field. Use text, 200 character max.

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