Bank Transaction Template

The Bank Transaction Template is used to import all outstanding checks and deposits a property may have at the time of the conversion date, or right before they go live date. 

The sample template is attached at the end of the article. Fields in red are required. You may add multiple properties on to this template.


Property Abbreviation: Enter in the Property Abbreviation of the property for each bank transaction. 

Bank Account: Enter the Bank Account Name. Please refer to the "Bank Account Information Template" you have previously completed during the Phase 1 of the Implementation Process.

Import Date: It is recommended to use the conversion date rather than the original transaction date. The conversion date is considered the day prior to your Go Live Date. 

Type: Please select from the following: Withdrawal, Deposit, Adjustment-Add, Adjustment-Sub.

  • Most bank transactions are either Checks or Deposits.
  • For Checks, we suggest using "Adjustment-Sub".
  • For Deposits, you can use either "Deposit" or "Adjustment-Add".

Reference: The reference can be a combination of letters & number but must be no more than 25 characters long. 

Category: Choose one of the corresponding categories for the selected Type:

  • If "Withdrawal" type choose: ATM Withdrawal, Electronic Withdrawal or Teller Withdrawal
  • If "Deposit" type choose: ATM Deposit, Electronic Deposit or Teller Deposit
  • If "Adjustment-Add" type choose: Miscellaneous
  • If "Adjustment-Sub" type choose: Miscellaneous

Description: Description must be no more than 50 characters. We recommend putting as much detail as possible for each transaction, such as original transaction date etc. 

Amount: Transaction Amount; Must be a number Number

GL Account: Enter in the GL Account Number that is tied to the bank account you have selected Text

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