Property Settings Setup

Follow the steps below to configure the basic settings for each property.

To get started, click on Admin>Properties on the main menu. Select a property. Please review all settings listed on the left hand side menu. 


Most importantly, under Settings, please review and configure:

  1. Fiscal Year
  2. Default AP Account. Select your Default Bank Account used to print checks.
  3. Late Fee Setting. Select/create late fee schedules. 
  4. NSF Fees. Select the amount to charge for any Non-Sufficient Fund Payments. 
  5. Termination Fees. Select the required Notice to Vacate term and the fee if that term is not met. 
  6. Month-To-Month. Set the amount to charge as your month-to-month fee. 
  7. Prospects. Select how long a prospect will be active before automatically marking it as "lost". 
  8. Move Out Reconciliation. Select when a resident moves out what is done with any remaining balance.

  1. Please select and configure Applicant Portal Settings.
  2. Please select and configure Auto Make Ready Work Orders.

Make sure to follow the above steps for each property in ResMan.


If all of these items are complete, please go to the next step to continue implementation.


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