Why does occupancy on the rent roll not match property summary or Box Score?


The Property Summary and Box Score reports are based on current leases
The Rent Roll report is based off of move in and move out dates

To locate the differences run:

1. Rent Roll summary (export it to excel)
2. Property Summary

At the bottom of each report is a summary by Unit Type. Compare the Occupancy % for each unit type until you narrow down which Unit Types are not matching between the report.

Sort the excel Rent Roll by unit types. Delete all rows except for the problem Unit Type rows

Run a All Units Report. Compare the units that are considered "Occupied".

For the excluded units, check the lease dates. They are probably in the "future" and are not being included in the Rent Roll.


Another way to locate differences is to run and compare these two reports:

1. Box Score Vacancy listing (historical)
2. Available Units report (based on real time leases)



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