Purchase Orders Template

The Purchase Order template will list all the requests that buyers need to submit in order to get permission to purchase a product. When the requests are listed, the person in charge of giving approval will then review and approve the purchase. 
The sample template is attached at the end of the article. Fields in red are required.


PO Number: Enter the Number of the purchase order.

Status: One of Approved or Pending Approval.

Date: Enter the conversion date.

Vendor: Enter vendor name.

Description: Enter a quick reference description of the purchase order

Line Item Number: If the purchase order has more than one item listed, please list in numerical order. Ex: 1, 2,3

Property: Enter property abbreviation. Must match an existing property

GL Number: Enter the GL number that this purchase order should be listed under. 

Line Item Description: Enter dates and other description of the item purchased.

Line Item Amount: Enter the amount of the item purchased.

Expense Type: Enter the expense type for this expense


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