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If a company has a group of properties that are set up separately in ResMan (so that each has its own profit/loss statement) but want appear as one property when the resident is applying for a lease, the Parent/Child setting can be configured.

Note: Changes made to the parent property will result in the same change made to the child properties attach to it. To only make a change in a child property, select that child property and save your changes. 

There is a video at the bottom of the page for your convenience. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.




Setting a property as a child of another property will allow you to market them together while running accounting books and reports separately.  


As an example, the Child Property will take settings from the parents property in every aspect. For example, in Auto Make Ready Work Orders a warning dialog box will inform you of the Parent/Child relationship and advice you when making changes. Upon updating the settings of the parent, it will ask if you want to update for the child property as well.



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