Vendors Template

The Vendors Template is a list of all the vendors that the property does business with. These vendors can be the same for one, some or all properties. 

Note: This template is available so that we can import one master list of vendors for all the properties. We can then select those that apply with an "x". 

The sample template is attached at the end of the article. Fields in red are required. 


Property Abbreviation: The header of this field must match the abbreviation on an existing property in ResMan. Specify a vendor with a property by placing an X in the column. If you need more columns, simply add.

Company: Name of the vendor. Use text. 200 character max.

Company Abbreviation: Please input a company abbreviation, for each vendor.

Contact: Use text. 150 character max.

General Address: We highly recommend to put in an address, specially if the Check Printing Feature is going to be used in ResManUse text. 500 character max.

General City: Use text. 50 character max.

General State: Use text. 50 character max.

General Zip: Use text. 20 character max.

General Country: Use text. 50 character max.

General Work Phone: Use text. 35 character max.

General Mobile Phone: Use text. 35 character max.

General Fax: Use text. 35 character max.

General Email: Use text. 150 character max.

General Website: Use text. 150 character max.

Customer Number: Use text. 50 character max.

Summary Vendor: One of: Yes or No.

  • Used for one time checks only; If you indicate ""Yes"" ResMan will not populate the Payment Address when creating a check to pay an invoice
  • This field does not apply to active vendors that you would frequently cut checks*"

Payment same as general: One of: Yes or No.

  • If you enter "Yes, true, 1" in this field, you DO NOT have to enter in the Payment Address since ResMan will auto-populate the General Address listed above as the Payment Address
  • Please enter in Payment Address IF the General Address is different from the Payment Address

Payment Address: Use text. 500 character max.

Payment City: Use text. 50 character max.

Payment State: Use text. 50 character max.

Payment Zip: Use text. 20 character max.

Payment Country: Use text. 50 character max.

Payment Work Phone: Use text. 35 character max.

Payment Mobile Phone: Use text. 35 character max.

Payment Fax: Use text. 35 character max.

Payment Email: Use text. 150 character max.

Payment Website: Use text. 150 character max.

Print on Check As: Allows you to have payment issued under a different name.

  • Ex:They are in bankruptcy and you have to make payments on their behalf to a bank.

Days Until Due: Use numbers.

Form 1099 Type: Pleae choose:

  • MISC - Nonemployee Compensation
  • MISCR - Rents
  • INT - Interest Income
  • DIV - Dividends and Distributions

Gross proceeds paid to attorney: One of: Yes or No

Second TIN notice: One of: Yes or No

Form 1099 Recipient Id: Use text. 75 character max.

Form 1099 Recipient Name: Use text. 200 character max.

Default GL Account: Must match existing GL Account Number

Needs Insurance: One of: Yes or No

Insurance Expiration Date: Date MM/DD/YYYY.

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