Prospects Template

The Active Prospects Template should contain a list of all applicants that are in the process of being accepted as residents by the conversion date. It is a simple list that should have all prospects ready to be interviewed! 

The sample template is attached at the end of the article. Fields in red are required. Please complete one template for every property listed in your portfolio.

Salutation: Use text: 10 Max

First Name: Use text: 30 Max

Middle Name: Use text: 30 Max

Last Name: Use text: 50 Max

Preferred Name: Use text: 150 Max

Email: Use text: 150 Max

Male/Female: One of: Male, Female

Mobile Phone: Use text: 35 Max

Home Phone: Use text: 35 Max

Work Phone: Use text: 35 Max

Drivers License: Use text: 10 Max

Drivers License State: Use text: 10 Max

Birthdate: Date MM/DD/YYYY

SSN: Use text: 10 Max

Primary Language: Use text: 10 Max

Street Address: Use text: 10 Max

City: Use text: 10 Max

State: Use text: 10 Max

Zip: Use text: 10 Max

Country: Use text: 10 Max

Prospect Source: Must match an exsiting prospect source name

Moving From: Use text: 10 Max. When implementing, you can choose "Per Conversion".

Date Needed: Use text: 10 Max

Unit Types: Semi-colon delimited list of Unit Type names

Building: Use text: 10 Max

Floor: Use text: 10 Max

Desired Rent: Enter number.

Other Preferences: Use text: 10 Max

Contact Date: Use text: 10 Max

Contact Type: One of:
  • Email
  • Face-to-Face
  • Chat
  • Phone
  • Text Message

Unit Shown: One of:

  • Yes
  • No

Leasing Agent: Employee first name and last name. Must match an existing employee name

Notes: String: 4000 Max

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