Auto Make Ready Work Orders Template

Auto Make Ready Work Order Template is a list that contains all the work orders that will need to be completed after a resident moves out and the unit is prepared for a new resident moving in. The template is attached at the end of the article. 

The sample template is attached at the end of the article. Fields in red are required. Please complete one template for every property listed in your portfolio.


Property Abbreviation: The header of this field must be an abbreviation on an existing property in ResMan. Specify a vendor with a property by placing an X in the column. If there are more properties, simply add more columns to the left.

Start of Auto Make Ready: Leave this column blank and do not delete.

Abbreviation: Must be a unique abbreviation for the work order name.  

Category: Must match an existing category from the Work Order Pick List.  This Pick list is set up under Admin > Pick Lists.

Description: This field is the description that is displayed on the work order page.

Assigned To: This will automatically assign the work order to the maintenance employee to complete.  Must be an existing user who is set up as a maintenance employee.

Priority: Must be set to one to Low, Medium, High.

Days to Complete: Indicates how many days from the move out date the work order must be completed.

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