How to Import

These steps will show you how to import templates into your ResMan database. This function is to import information in bulk, rather than adding the entries one by one.  

How to Import

1. All import files must be a CSV (Comma delimited).

2. Once logged in go to Admin > Import.

3. On the date box, select the property's Go Live date.

4. Under "Type" select the template type you want to import.

5. Depending on the template you are importing, you may need to select which property that template is for.  If the property box is grayed out, then that means that the template applies to all properties, and you don't need to select a specific property.

6. Select Import. If there are any errors, the file won't import. These errors will be displayed in red. Once the errors are fixed, try to import the file again. When the file is error free, it will import the entire file and return a message in black confirming the import.

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