What is the Final Account Statement (FAS)?

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The Final Account Statement is one of two reports you can give to a Resident once you have performed their Move Out Reconciliation.   

To access the Final Account Statement, go to Accounts > Residents > (Choose Resident).  Then go to the "Ledger" module, hover over the "Reports" button at the bottom, and click on "Final Account Statement".


 This Report offers to begin the date range one month before move out (but that date can be changed).

Report Sections:

Ledger at Move Out - Lists the transactions between the beginning date and the move out date.

Transactions After Move Out - Lists the transactions that were dated after the move out date.

Deposits - A summary of the entire history of any refundable deposits.

Summary - shows any remaining charges, or refunds after the date of the move out. 

Note:  If a refund was issued before the date of the Move Out, it will not display in the bottom summary section.




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