Integration Types and Definitions

ResMan uses integration partners as third party services to enhance certain aspects of the multi-family/student property management software. Below is the master list that outlines all of the different types of integration partners ResMan works with and their scope of business. Each integration type has different companies listed under that the client can choose from making it a flexible list for every need.

Applicant Screening

ResMan sends the submitted application information to the screening vendor. The screening vendor screens the people on their end, then sends the screening report results back to ResMan.

Call Center

Leasing leads are created on the vendor side, and the vendor pushes the leads to ResMan.


When an account balance is ready to be collected by a collections' agency, after the property selects the option 'Send to Collections', ResMan flags that account as a collectable account for the collections' agency to work with. The vendor sets their own schedule as to how often they reach out to ResMan and retrieve the accounts, but normally once a day they will go through the property and look for accounts flagged as collectable. If there's a new account they will pull the people and lease info.


None of these companies are like each other. Twilio is part of the setup for bi-directional texting offered by ResMan (this is not a vendor revealed to the customers). For all other vendors please look up their respective integration setup pages for more information about how they push/pull the information form ResMan.


CRM = Customer Relationship Management. These tools are used to manage the sales process, so in the case of property management from new guest card (new prospect) to lease execution. These integrations sync the activities with ResMan. For example, new prospect created in the vendor's software then a new prospect will be created in ResMan. The vendor is the one that is sending the information (ResMan isn't pulling it).


The only vendor in here is Docusign. The integration allows for new documents to created for signature through relevant parts of ResMan. Besides logging them into their account, ResMan sends people and their emails to expedite the document creation.


ILS - Internet Listing Service. These vendors are apartment and homes listings aggregates and sellers. There are 2 types of integration that can exist which depends on the vendor's product and their technical ability. The first, which is the primary on that all of them do, is receive an XML file in MITS standard format that contains property information that will be used to advertise on the respective sites. The second is for leads collected on the sites can be pushed into ResMan.


These vendors provide renters insurance to the property's residents. The integration is the vendor pushing insurance information into ResMan. ePremium does a little more, check their page for more details.

Lease Documents

Blue Moon is the only vendor in here. This isn't the same kind of integration as the others. All we do here is redirect them into their Blue Moon account on a new lease page populated with information from within ResMan.


Need info.


Property websites. Up to now, these vendors pull property information from ResMan to populate their floor plan pages (and real-time availability if applicable) of the property's website.

Payment Processing

These vary by vendor, but as a basis payments are collected on the vendor side, then they push the payments into ResMan.

Resident Services

Need info.

Revenue Management

A revenue management vendor uses various algorithms (historicals, comps, current trends, etc) to adjust unit rent to accomplish some kind of goal (maximize occupancy is normally the goal, but depending on the vendor could be maximize profit, etc). The integration consists of the vendor pushing updated unit rent prices into ResMan on some kind of regular schedule (normally daily).

Surety Bonds

Need info - I assume this is the same integration as Insurance.


These vendors send out surveys to residents and / or properties for marketing and research purposes. Integration varies by vendor, but generally are normally regular data dumps. 


Internal integration used for the Work Order translation services.


These vendors do multiple things, but what's applicable to us is they collect utility usage via sub-meters or perform their own RUBS calc on a property's total bill then report to the property on a resident's individual bill. The integration consists of the vendor pushing these charges into ResMan. Once in ResMan, the property can choose to ignore or charge to the resident's ledger.

Vendor Compliance

Properties hire vendors to do different types of work ranging from lawn care to building structural repair. Depending on the work type the vendor needs to be insured, bonded, licensed, etc. A vendor compliance company verifies that these vendors meet the required standards (which can also venture into background screening). An integration with a vendor compliance vendor allows the vendor to push vendors into ResMan and update whether they're active.

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