Property Settings Setup

Follow the steps below to configure the basic settings for each property.

To get started, click on Admin>Properties on the main menu. Select a property. Please review all settings listed on the left hand side menu. 


At minimum, under the Property > Settings, we recommend that you review the following sub-sections:

  1. Fiscal Year
  2. Default AP Account. Select your Default Bank Account used to print checks.
  3. Late Fee Setting. Choose default late fee schedule. 
  4. NSF Fees. Enter amount of fee. Enter how many NSF checks before ResMan puts the resident on Certified Funds Only status.
  5. Proration.  
  6. Termination Fees.
  • Insufficient Notice Fee: The charge if the resident does not give notice in time.
  • Early Termination Fee:  The charge if the resident is leaving before their lease is ending.
  1. Month-To-Month. This section is for Expired (month-to-month) leases.
  • Choose whether they want to raise rent up to Market Rent. 
  • Choose whether to extend (continue) charging non-rent charges & concessions
  • Enter the amount of the Month-To-Month Fee, and when it startes
  1. Gross Potential Rent & Track Loss/Gain to Leas
  2. Transactions
  3. Applicants & Residents
  4. Prospects. Select how long a prospect will be active before automatically marking it as "lost". 
  5. Move Out Reconciliation. 
  6. Invoices
  7. Work Order Settings




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