How do I use the Online Guest Card?


  1. Navigate to Tools > Email Templates
  2. Click Automated Templates in the sub-menu
  3. Click the Prospect Guest Card email template and edit it to say whatever you would like it to say. This will contain the link for the prospect to fill out their information
  4. After saving the email template we need them to setup the message displayed to the prospect after they submit their Guest Card
  5. Go to Admin > Properties and select the property to setup
  6. Open the Applicant Portal Settings module and click Edit
  7. Enter a message under Guest Card Submitted Message
  8. Click Save

The Online Guest Card is an online form you can easily use to request initial or additional information from your prospects.  If you click on Accounts > Prospects > Select "Prospect" > Leasing Workflow > Send Guest Card, you will arrive at the "Send Email" screen (see screenshot below). 

From this screen, you can customize the email you are sending to your prospect to request additional information.  Your email will contain a customized Online Guest Card link for that prospect.  If you already had recorded information from that prospect, that information will already show up in the form they see.  Once they submit the form, any additional information they've added will go back to ResMan and show up in their prospect page.  Having a guest fill out their own information through the Guest Card saves you the time of entering this information yourself. When ResMan receives a submission, it generates a new task for the leasing agent, letting them know about the update. 

ResMan also provides a generic Online Guest Card link, which you can make available from your website.  You will find this link at Accounts > Prospects > Online Guest Card (from the submenu). When new prospects submit their Online Guest Card, ResMan creates a new prospect with their information.  Since this prospect has not yet been assigned a leasing agent, it will show up as an "Unassigned Lead" in the leads dashboard, where you can assign it to a leasing agent.  

What will your prospect see?

The prospect will get an email from the property with a link for them to fill out their Guest Card. After clicking on the link they will see something like the following with a Submit button at the bottom. 


Permissions and Settings

To send an online guest card you need permission to view prospects. To check permissions, go to Admin > User >  (Select User) > Change Permissions > Prospects > View.


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