Non-Resident Template

The purpose of the Non-Resident Template is to create a new account for any person(s) who makes payments to the property but is not a Prospect/Applicant/Resident/Former Resident within ResMan, a.ka. a Non-Resident. 

The sample template is attached at the end of the article. Fields in red are required. You may enter multiple properties' Non-Residents.


Property Abbreviation: Enter the property abbreviation for which the Non-Resident belongs to.

First Name: Enter the Non-Resident's first name.

Middle Name: Enter the Non-Resident's middle name.

Last Name: Enter the Non-Resident's last name.

Preferred/Display Name: Please enter the Non-Resident's Preferred name. This name will be displayed on their profile for quick reference.

Male/Female: Please select if the Non-Resident is Male or Female

Mobile Number: Enter mobile number in "xxx-xxx-xxxx" format.

Home Number: Enter home number in "xxx-xxx-xxxx" format.

Work Number: Enter work number in "xxx-xxx-xxxx" format.

Email: Enter the Non-Resident's valid email address.

Driver's License: Enter the Non-Resident's valid driver's licence number/text.

License State: Enter the State that the driver's licence is registered at.

Birthdate: Enter the Non-Resident's birthdate in format "mm/dd/yyyy".

Identification (SSN or Other): Please enter valid identification number.

Language: Enter the Non-Resident's primary language.

Ethnicity: Enter the Non-Resident's ethnicity.

Address: Enter the Non-Resident's main address.

City: Enter the city.

State: Postal abbreviation. Enter the state. 

Zip: Enter the zipcode.

Country: Enter the Non-Resident's country of residence.

Enter Transaction Category Here: This header must be replaced with the Transaction Category Abbreviation (Admin > Transaction Categories) that the Non-Resident will be charged every month, with the amounts listed underneath. (See example above)

  • There can be N (infinite) number of columns added. Simply delete the columns that will not be needed.
  • Values need to be positive integers with up to two decimal places.

Note: For reference, the Current Residents (Simple) import file shares the same format in case there are additional questions.


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