How does ResMan's texting service work?


ResMan's Bi-Directional Texting feature combines the convenience of modern technology with world-class customer service. Blast out automatic text templates or send personalized messages right from the computer and residents respond directly from their phone.

Set up Residents’ Phone Number and Contact Preferences

In order to send a text message through ResMan, you need to make sure you have a current mobile number. You can add individual numbers on the “Personal Information” section on their resident page.

Each resident can determine when they prefer to receive a text message or email. This is done through their notification settings in their Resident Portal. In the top right corner of the Resident Portal, they click the down arrow by their name and select “Notification settings”.

Create Text Message Templates

To create templates, click on the “Tools” drop-down menu and select “Messaging”. Here you can access a list of all your current templates (both email and text), send messages and create new templates. Click “New Template” from the submenu.

Since the “New Template” screen is for both email and text, the bottom of the screen is where you will find text messages. Create the message you want. You can also insert merge fields into the text.

Send Messages

To send individual messages, you can click the phone number under the resident’s page. This will direct you to the messaging screen where you can send a text to that resident.

You can also send individual messages through the “Communication Log” section of the Resident Page. Simply click on the “Texts” tab, and a screen will open up like the one below.


Sending Bulk Messages

The other option is to send bulk messages with customized parameters. Click on “Tools” drop down menu at the top of the screen and select “Messaging”. Click “Send Bulk Message” from the submenu. Select the property, template type, template and the sending method.

Customize the recipient parameters and click “Get Recipients.” You can preview each message prior to sending out the messages. Once everything looks correct, click send. The messages are stored on their communication log as well as the “Sent Messages” tab on the submenu.


See Texts from Residents

The “Communication” icon (the speech bubbles) within the Efficiency Ribbon shows you messages that come in from residents from the Resident Portal as well as text messages.  If you see a number outside this icon, hover over your mouse over the number.  The number of text messages as well as portal messages you have for each property will display. 


If you click on the “Communication” icon or the number indicating how many text messages you have, you’ll see the following screen displaying the text messages that have come in. 


Monitor your usage

You will want to be aware of how many messages you are sending and receiving, since you will be paying for this service based on your usage.  To see your text usage, go to Tools > Messages > Usage > Then select the desired property and date range. 

Here are some points you should be aware of:

  • One text message can have up to 180 characters; otherwise it counts as multiple messages.
  • Your total usage includes both texts sent and received.
  • Know how many texts you have paid for each month, and compare that to your total from the chart above.


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