How can I create a work order template (recurring work order)?

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Work Order Templates

ResMan allows you to set up Work Order Templates so that work orders can either generate automatically or be generated as needed.

  • Click > Templates on the submenu
  • Click > New to create a new Template
  • Under Reporting Information, enter all the needed data
  • Under Assignment Information, enter the Assigned to and Priority info
  • On the right, give your template a name
  • Frequency:
    1. Not Scheduled - you will have to POST to generate a new Work Order
    2. Daily/Weekly/Bi-weekly/Monthly/Yearly - when the Automatic Work Orders will generate.  
    3. Day to Run: Depending on the time frame selected above, choose which day of the week, month, year for the Work Order to generate.
    4. Start Date: Enter the first date that an automatic Work Order should generate.
    5. This date is only important for automatic Work Orders.  It does not matter for Not Schedules
    6. This date works with the Day to Run. If it runs monthly on the 1st, make sure your start date is the first.
    7. End Date: Enter the date that you want these work orders to stop automatically recurring.  (This is an optional field)
    8. Days till Due: Enter the number of days until the Work Order is Due.





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