How do Vacant Units, Future Units, Move Ins, and NTVs show on the Make Ready Board?


Vacant Units

  • Vacated Units automatically display
  • Make Ready Categories that were defined during ResMan setup will automatically display.
  • Click the marker along the bottom to select the color for the status and check the category.  
    1. Clear = Not Started
    2. Red = Scheduled
    3. Blue = In Progress
    4. Green = Completed

Future Units (Optional)

  • If selected during NTV, future Make Ready Work Orders will display.
  • You can Add additional Units by clicking on the ADD button. 

Move Ins

  • Once an applicant has moved into the unit, they will move to this section and remain there until Move In Inventory Received has been checked off.

Notice To Vacate (NTV)

  • Once a unit has been placed on notice, the unit will auto fill to this section and once a NTV has been leased the move in date will auto fill for that unit.
  • The "Days" column allows the maintenance staff to see how many days they will have between the move-out date and the move-in date to make the unit ready. 

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