How to Save an Excel File to .csv Format

A .csv file, or comma-separated value text file, is a type of excel format that discards formulas and formatting and saves the numbers and text of the first page of the excel file. Only files in .csv format can be imported into ResMan.


First, fill out the template that you want to import. Double check that the information is correct and is ready to be saved in .csv format.


Second, find the "File" tab. 



Third, chose "Save As". Choose the location of where the file should be saved in.


  • If you chose "Save", the file will be saved in the last used format or excel workbook. Which is not the format we are looking for. 


Fourth, review that the file is saved under the correct name. You can do so by checking in "File Name" on the left hand side.

Also check "Save as type". Here is where you will have to select "CSV (Comma delimited). This is the formatting type we are looking for. Beware, there are two CSV types, make sure you chose the comma delimited one.



Fifth, hit "Save". This will save your work in the location you had previously chosen and will only save the first page of the file.                                                                                        


Once the file has been saved, it is very easy to import the file on to Resman. For more information, click here.


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