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ResMan allows you to group ledger line items that belong to the same category in a resident's ledger. This way, when the resident logs into their online portal, they don't see every transaction performed in their ledger, rather, they see a final ledger report indicating their charges, credit and balances. This setting will apply to all residents listed in the property and is only visible by the resident.


Ledger Line Item Groups

You can add, edit or delete groups for this property.

Here you can combine transaction categories under one group. For example, the General Ledger account of Late Charge Fees, Late Charges Fees-Utility are grouped under Late Fees, which is what they are. 


To see this change, a resident's ledger in ResMan could look like this:

Notice that there are various lines that could be combined into the same group.

When you log into the resident's portal, 

and click on 

the resident's ledger, because it has groups set up, would like this instead:

A more concise way to view the final report, the resident has access to view their ledger at any point. This feature is synced with ResMan and the Ledger Line Item Groups setting.


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