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In this section, you can define (or set a "rule") which users can approve Budgets, Invoices, or Purchase Orders (or any other Accounts Payable processes) based on threshold amounts.

Workflows drastically impacts the way Accounts Payable are processed in ResMan: processes that need to obtain higher approval are automatically sent to the right person who then approves and automatically notifies back in an efficient, timely manner. 

  • For example, by setting up each workflow, lower level users (such as leasing agents) will only approve invoices if less than $50, middle level users can approve up to $100 and upper level users (such as property managers) can approve anything above $100. 


Workflow User

First, you must set up the users on their own workflow user group. To do so, go to Admin>Users and from the drop down menu, select Workflow Groups.

  • This is a separate setting from the traditional User Group because here we are defining who is able to approve Accounts Payable tasks whereas traditional User Group setting defines on site, day to day property tasks. 

You can create, delete and edit groups by using the submenu below. Don't forget to add existing users (or employees) to the groups that you have created so that they can approve those Accounts Payable tasks. 

Once you are done, save your work and go to Admin> Settings> Workflows to configure the setting.



First, select the Workflow that you would like to define by using the drop down menu.

You can also create new ones by selecting .

A new section will appear, where you can select the Type of workflow (Budget, Invoice, Purchase Order) you would like to define with the corresponding Expense Type (tied to the correct GL Account of General, Utilities, Taxes etc which comes from the setting in Admin>Settings>Payables) that you want to configure. You can name the Accounts Payable Task for any future reference.

 Now, using the dialog box, create the tier where each approver's right to approve should fall under. These should be listed in ascending order. To add approvers, click on . To edit the rule, use the Edit and x. Once you are done, simply  your work. 



When a new Accounts Payable Task is ready to be approved by the correct approver, the task will show up in the Boardroom under "My Pending Purchase Orders" or "My Pending Invoices". Items that are waiting to be approved will display and those that need to be disputed will display underneath as well.

Note: Remember to select the correct property from the property drop down menu to see the correct Accounts Payable task first. 


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