How does the Projects module work?

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ResMan allows you to create Projects, and Phases within each project to track work that needs to be accomplished on any property locations.

The steps to set this up are:

1. Create the Project

Property > Projects.  New Projects (on the submenu)

At the bottom click to open the locations on that property and select the units involved.


Click SAVE


2. Enter Bids  (Optional)

Property > Projects. Click into the Project.

Open the Bids module.  Click to Add any existing bids.

Enter the bid information, and attach any related documents


3. Create Work Order Templates

This is where you will create all of the items that may have to be completed for each location.

Within the project, click into the Work Order Template module. Make sure the Category & Description & Notes are complete. That is all that is required in this screen.


Create a Work Order Template for each item that needs completing (carpet, paint, appliances, etc.)


4.  Create the Phases (parts) of this Project

Within the Project, open the Phases module. Click New to add the 1st phase.

(In this example, each building is a Phase)


5. Add the Work Order Templates to all existing Phases

Within the Phase window, use the Generate Template button to create the work orders for each location.

6. Complete Work Orders

Property > Projects.  Project Board (on submenu above)

Click each work order to change the status. The colors match the work order completion colors on the Make Ready Board:

Use the + to add additional work orders for that unit.

Use the ... to complete all work orders for that unit.



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