Purchase Order / Invoice - Approval Workflow Setup

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ResMan allows you to create various types of Purchase Orders and/or Invoices.

Each of these types can have it's own approval rules.  

Here are the steps to set this up:


1.  Create the user Workflow Groups.

This will be each "level" that has to approve certain types of PO's or Invoices

Admin > Groups.  Type = Workflow Groups

2.  Add users to those Workflow Groups

This will identify which users are in each of these approval Workflow Groups

Admin > Users. Within a user, select the Workflow Group for that user. 

Note: Users are not required to be in a Workflow Group.


3.  Create the Purchase Order and/or Invoice Expense Types

This will create different types of PO's or Invoices that can have different approval workflows.

Admin > Settings > Payables.  In the Expense Types section, add the various types.

This will result in choices on a PO or Invoice screen as follows:


4.  Create the Approval Workflows

This will tell ResMan what groups should approve each Expense Type...and under what situations (certain dollar amounts or budget amounts).

Admin > Settings > Workflows

There will be 1 default setting for Invoice - General (or Purchase Order - General)

That setting means that if an invoice is a "General" invoice, someone in the Default workflow group will always need to approve it.


But here is an example of a fancier workflow for Capital Expenses:

In this example:

- Someone in the Default group will always need to approve the invoice.

- If the invoice is over 5,000.00 or 100% over budget, then someone in the Regional group will need to approve it.

- If the invoice is over 10,000 someone in the President Group will need 


NOTE:  If a higher-level approver approves the PO or Invoice, none of the lower-level approvers will be required.


NOTE: You will see any PO's or Invoices waiting for your approval on the boardroom modules:

My Pending Purchase Orders

My Pending Invoices



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