Compliance Analytics Center

 Building Compliance module

  1. The Program options are the allocations that exist on the property. The user can toggle between those allocations to view the building data specific to those allocations.
  2. The Building tiles will show the percentage of units in those buildings that are occupied by households on the program/allocation selected. The Variance on those tiles shows the status of the occupied percentage compared to the program/allocation goal.
  3. As the user clicks the Building tiles, the data beneath the tiles will pertain to the selected building. That data includes the following:
    1. Building Name
    2. Number of units in the building
    3. Number of Market (Conventional) units in the building
    4. Number of Exempt units in the building
    5. Number of Employee units in the building
    6. List of Programs mapped to the building. Programs that are at or above occupancy goal will be in green. Those that are below goal will be in red.
    7. App frac goal for building
    8. App frac actual for building. App frac actual will be in green if the building is at or above goal. App frac actual will be in red if below goal.

Property Compliance

  1. The Property Compliance section shows program data across the entire property.
  2. Total number of Market
  3. Total number of Exempt
  4. Total number of Employee
  5. App Frac for the entire property along with Variance of actual compared to the goal. The goal is derived by an average of the Building applicable fractions.
  6. List of Programs at the property along with the Actual Occupancy per program.

Recertification Management

  1. Tiles represent the number of households that have annual recertifications that are due in the next 120 Days, 90 Days, 60 Days, 30 Days and those that are Past Due.
  2. Clicking the tiles will display the households that have certifications due accordingly.
  3. The Log link will produce the New Communication Log Entry for the household.


  1. Users can log communication with the household on the Communication log
  2. Upon enabling ResComm in Affordable Settings, users can also access the Notices & Letters tab to send required notices of the recertification.
  3. Select the Email notice option to send an email template to the email address for the Head of Household.
  4. Along with capturing Contact method, users can access the proper Notice to send to the household. The can also click the Preview link to produce the actual notice to print and provide to the household.
  5. Users will want to check the Previous Communications section to see if notices have already been provided before sending the notice.

Next Available Unit Rule

  1. The Next Available Unit Rule section will capture the number of Over-Income households at the property. These are households that have income in excess of the defined Over-income amount at the time of their annual recertification.
  2. Because the property must rent the next available unit of comparable or smaller size, this section shows the pertinent data on the current over-income units so that users can determine the next steps.

Unit Vacancy Rule

  1. The Unit Vacancy Rule section will capture the number of Vacancies at the property. These will include those units that are have a notice to vacate as well.
  2. Because the property must rent the next available unit of comparable or smaller size, this section shows the pertinent data on the vacant units (and notice to vacate) so that users can determine the next steps.

Wait List Demographics

  1. The Wait List Demographics section is available if the Affordable Wait List is enabled for the property.
  2. This section shows a summary of the applicants that are on the Affordable Wait List.
  3. The data includes number of Applicants, number of Applicants who meet the defined income qualifications, Household characteristics and requested Unit Types.

Property Demographics


  1. The Property Demographics section captures the household characteristic and demographic make-up of the property.


Portfolio View

  1. By selecting a pre-defined Property Group in the Property drop down list, the user can view a portfolio level of the Compliance Analytics Center to see who the entire portfolio is performing.
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